WarmlyYours Intros Radiant Heating for Showers

WarmlyYours Intros Radiant Heating for Showers

WarmlyYours has launched low voltage radiant heating that is safer for use in the shower. Imagine how good it could feel to slide out of your warm bed and into an equally warm and inviting shower? Perhaps that is what we were thinking about when we developed our newest item! Our low voltage system works especially well for larger, luxurious showers with a European curbless design. Offered in several sizes, the 24 volt warming rolls and companion transformers are available to accommodate your shower application. Simple to install over a waterproof membrane, this system is designed to warm shower floors, tub surrounds, steam showers and saunas.

24 Volt TempZone Warming Roll

TempZone™ floor warming systems are engineered with an insulated copper alloy resistance warming cable sewn to a fiberglass mesh backing. The warming cable is evenly spaced in 2″ serpentine loops and provides 25% more heating capacity than competitive products. Measuring less than 1/8″ thick, the mesh system installs easily under tile and stone and is offered in a variety of lengths to accommodate your project requirements. TempZone™ is listed by Underwriters Laboratories to US and Canadian standards and is covered by our 10 year, NoNonsense™ Warranty.

24 Volt Transformer

The first and only transformer specifically designed and UL listed to be mounted in any of the 6 available positions. This step-down transformer is required for operation of the 24 volt floor warming system and is offered in a range of sizes to meet your project specifications.

Programmable Thermostat

The Energy Star Rated SmartStat™ thermostat has an in-floor sensor which provides accurate temperature control. The programmable function gives you the option of 4 programmable events for each day of the week, allowing you to pre-heat your shower so that it’s warm and inviting any time of the day. It also features a manual set-back to a “high” or “low” temperature level. It also comes equipped with a built-in GFCI and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

WarmlyYours is a preferred vendor for CCA Global, Shaw Flooring Alliance, CarpetsPlus / ColorTile, Floor-To-Ceiling, SEN, BKBG and DreamMaker. For additional information and expanded content, contact Erin Mitmoen, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Tel: (847) 550-2453; website: www.WarmlyYours.com/press.

ThermoSoft Intros WarmStep Radiant Heating System

WarmStep from ThermoSoft International Corp., a manufacturer of do it yourself radiant floor heat systems, is specially designed for installation not only under the usual floor coverings: ceramic tile, marble, porcelain and stone, but it can also be installed under all types of laminate, engineered wood and wood floors.

WarmStep installs on virtually any subfloor and under any floor covering. WarmStep is so versatile that this one system can meet the heating demands of almost any floor. WarmStep can even be installed under carpet, vinyl tile and glued down floors under a layer of self-leveling cement, for heated floors anywhere throughout the home.

“Most radiant floor heating systems must be embedded in cement mortar before laying laminate and other floating floors,” said Dr. Eric Kochman, President of ThermoSoft International Corporation. “But not WarmStep! WarmStep is installed above the underlayment pad and directly under floating laminate, engineered wood or wood floors — without cement! This can save consumers expensive installation costs in addition to reducing their energy costs.”

WarmStep also reduces installation time. WarmStep’s standard sizes can be stocked for easy on-site fitment to any floor; its heating cable is factory mounted on rolls of fiberglass mesh which can be rolled out and the mesh can be cut so that WarmStep can be turned in any direction to fit the floor. No on-site splice connections or special tools are necessary.

WarmStep’s construction-grade fiberglass mesh provides an anti-fracture membrane that strengthens and prevents floor cracks in ceramic tile and other cementious floors. ThermoSoft also provides an InstAlarm(R)monitor that that will sound an alarm if the floor warming mat is damaged resulting in a short or open circuit, ensuring contractor and installer peace-of-mind, trouble-free installation and perfectly heated floors and warm tile.