Tile Floors: Beauty of Recycling

Crossville crosshatchSubmitted by Steve Cooper

Many of us grew up believing that recycling meant that your first bicycle had been your sibling’s before it became yours. Thankfully, we’ve gotten a little more sophisticated. Recycling means something much more beneficial these days.

Take Crossville’s EcoCycle tiles, for instance. Whether these tiles are earthy ceramics or gleaming glass, each is made of recycled material. Colors are vivid and surfaces are slip resistant and easy to clean. Yet, each tile contains at least 40 percent recycled material and qualifies for LEED points, which assure that a material lessens the environmental impact of a new home.

The main benefit is seen in the design, of course. This is quite apparent in the stripes, diamonds, dots, ropes, crowns and other shapes of that create the unique look of a tile floor. If you can imagine a theme or pattern, you can bring it to life in the colors you choose. And those colors will sparkle.

In times past, keeping grout clean and stable often proved difficult, causing some homeowners to use another material. But manufacturers have addressed this shortcoming.

Today’s effective sealers come in penetrating and membrane forms. Those that penetrate are liquids, which soak into and fill microscope holes in grout. Membrane types form a hard film across the grout to keep out water and contaminants. Either will work, though membranes are usually preferred when a change of grout color is desired.

So today’s grout sealants make it possible to have your grout and clean it, too, giving contemporary tile undeniable appeal.