Reader Question: Steam cleaning hardwood or laminate floors


Could you please tell me if I can use a steam cleaner on my laminate or hardwood floor?










We cannot find a manufacturer of either laminate flooring or hardwood flooring that will recommend the use of this type of equipment on their floors.  To clean and maintain your hardwood or laminate flooring, sweeping and/or using a vacuum cleaner (without the beater bar used for vacuuming carpet) should be sufficient. Occasionally clean with a mop (micro-fiber or terrycloth hooded for laminate floors) slightly moistened with a cleaning product recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Wipe up spills quickly. NEVER flood either of these floors with water. Also on the “no-no” list are soap-based detergents, abrasive cleaners, scouring powder, wax or any type of polish. Also, use “walk-off” mats at entrances and exits so people and pets might lose some of those things that sometimes stick to feet prior to stepping onto your floors.

For more information on cleaning and care for your floors contact the flooring manufacturer or visit