CMG Color Forecast—Flooring Report Card

CMG Color Forecast—Flooring Report Card
by Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

What good are color projections if they don’t materialize? A vice president of my company recently asked, “What do you CMG people do? Sit in a top-secret room and use a crystal ball to predict colors?” Amusing—NOT. More like a year’s work of regional research to detect shifts and directions in colors. These regional Color Marketing Group ChromaZone meetings culminate in the yearly Summit Meeting of CMG members where all of the information gathered regionally is synthesized and channeled into the final (two-year future) forecast.

So how are we doing based on the color projections I reported to you early this year? Let’s take a look at real-life flooring products and see how we did so far for 2015.

Omega area rug


The Omega area rug available through the Home Decorators Collection hit on color harmonies that used most of the warm colors featured in the 2015-2016 forecast. This is a great example of how the projected colors work well together. Notice the gold colored block is a darker shade of the goldenrod color in the CMG color fan above. Utilizing shades (darker) and tints (lighter) of the base colors gives the palette more range.

Shaw berber Caresse carpet in Mountain Haze


Shaw’s berber construction Caresse carpet in color Mountain Haze picked up the dark purple forecast color. This color was most watched because it was such a deep, saturated hue. No problem, it translated to soft surfaces beautifully.

Esmer Imagine tile


Emser Tile created a fantasy tile that hit the projected blues quite well. This tile to the left is a glass, stone, metal blend called Imagine.

Daltile elemental glass cornflower mosaic


Missing above was one color—the electric blue, which I could not find in the Emser line, but see product to the right, as Daltile picked up the color in their Elemental Glass Cornflower Mosaic.

Amtico luxury vinyl tile


Luxury vinyl tile embraced the new palette with the Amtico Abstract Spectrum collection. Here is a compilation of the colors offered in that collection. See how many of them you can match up to the CMG forecast fan.

Mannington commercial rubber flooring Tic Toc


Mannington Mills has a varied collection of commercial-grade rubber floors. No doubt, the bright pink in the color line-up above was one that was not expected to appear until 2016. But Mannington has already incorporated it into their style “Tic Toc”. Well done. Visit on-line to see the full color range and once again, you will find parallels in the rubber flooring category to most of the forecast colors. (

Casablanca area rug


In conclusion, the handful of colors reported by CMG not singled out for discussion above, ALL came to life in this artistic Casablanca area rug. Who knew that every one of the projected colors could be woven together to produce a masterpiece like this?

Just in case you think manufacturing USA isn’t watching us closely at CMG, we have proof positive that they not only send representatives of their companies to participate in CMG, they wait for our predictions and count on them to create the fresh, colorful products coming your way. Floor coverings and color marketing work hand-in-hand.

The Twelve Months Of Mosaics—Can you identify them?

Submitted By:  Annette M. Callari, Allied ASID, CMG

12 months mosaics 1-6


I really wanted to get your complete attention on this blog—and what better way to do that than by leading with pictures of an awesome new collection of mosaic tile patterns from Nadeau.  Their creativity is showing–not only in the patterns introduced above (and these are just six of the twelve new mosaics), but in the marketing theme behind them. 

According to Nadeau Tile’s marketing department, “We are introducing the ‘TWELVE MONTHS OF MOSAICS COLLECTIONwhich was inspired by the intricacies of Mother Nature.  Each design was hand selected with the essence of the weather and feel of each month.

So let’s have a little fun with this.  Can you identify which month each pattern represents?  You really have to analyze each pattern to see if you can find a theme, and the colors used might give you a hint as well.  If you’d like to see the other six months of mosaics not shown here, visit for the complete line. 

Okay, I’ve teased you long enough.  Look below for the answers, starting with the top left pattern:

  1. DECEMBER – The colors are cool and icy, and reminiscent of ice crystals taking shape under a microscope.
  2. NOVEMBER – Winter is making it’s debut, and warm flannel blankets are coming out  of the linen chest.  This homey plaid speaks of bundling up in front of the fireplace on blustery nights.
  3. OCTOBER – Look very closely at this pattern.  I definitely see black bats with wings spread.  The russet and gold colors are some of Fall’s best hues.
  4. AUGUST – This one was harder to guess, but Nadeau describes it as being inspired by feathers, colored with the warm hues of sunny August.
  5. MAY – Flowers in full bloom and garden-like colors inspired this design.
  6. JANUARY – Winter white with a snow leopard pattern represents the month of January.  This one is a stretch of the imagination, but what a great pattern!

‘Twelve Months of Mosaics’ definitely qualifies as an innovative collection, and it’s just a sampler of what Nadeau can create. They encourage you– customers, designers, architects and specifiers–to contact them directly with your own ideas of patterns you want to create.  They will work with you as a team to develop the concept and composition of a floor or wall mosaic customized for your project.  Now THAT is mass customization at its very best.