Gorilla Floors—Really?

By Annette Callari, Allied ASID; CMG

The name got my attention, but the product itself is what made the impression. I recently discovered Elevations Interwoven Loose Lay tiles, manufactured by Raskin/GORILLA Floors. Here’s something different that seems to be a potential problem-solver. Let me give you a rundown on the features of this vinyl-fiber woven tile floor:

    Gorilla floors

  • Fast and easy to install, using a loose-lay technology
  • Walk on immediately after installation
  • Integrated silencing layer reduces sound transfer
  • Fray-proof
  • Excellent for high-moisture areas
  • Easy to clean
  • 1/5” gauge (thickness) will cover most sub-floor irregularities
  • Attractive woven textile patterns in Earth-toned colors

Feel free to re-read that menu of benefits above for it to sink in. Elevations uses a non-skid backing and the weight from the product’s thick construction helps it stay firmly in place. It has a durable ceramic coating (nano-ceramic bead coating G88) to protect it from scratches and scuffing. Elevations is quiet and warm underfoot and best of all, its design allows tiles and planks to be installed over all types of subfloors, including natural wood, concrete, one layer of existing vinyl, ceramic and even subfloors. (Please check their website for subfloor prep instructions at GorillaFloors.com). Not to sound corny, but his may just be the Magilla Gorilla of new floor covering choices. Check it out.